Gold Coast Farm

Gold Coast Farm ​​

Gold Coast Farm fosters a shared love of green living. The 3,680 sq. ft. farm is the first farm at a hotel in Hong Kong using organic farming practice, growing a variety of crops including okra, roselle, lettuce, big leaf mustard, cauliflower, winter melon, papaya, Siracusa lemon, sunflower and more. The farm welcomes hotel guests and community members like NGOs and students to take part in farming and harvesting activities. The farm also features organic and eco-friendly cultivation practices, and is fertilised only with organic fertiliser, which helps to nurture the soil for healthy and nutritious produce.


Leaf Path – a Farm Together Project
The Leaf Path, located right opposite the Gold Coast Farm, is a green walkway that connects Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel and Gold Coast Piazza. Adorning the 100-metre pavement are imprints of 20 leaf species gathered from trees around the Hong Kong Gold Coast. Surrounded by nature, the path offers visitors a new way to enjoy the green views while sparking their curiosity to learn more about their environment.