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Farm Together
About Farm Together

Farm Together is Sino Group's integrated green community project aimed at planting the seeds for sustainability and bringing the community closer to nature.


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Our FarmsOur Farms

Spanning over 53,000 sq. ft., Farm Together currently comprises 15 farms in Hong Kong and 1 farm in Singapore. Our farms have cultivated over 360 plant and crop species, and produce more than 1000kg annually. They serve as platforms breathing new life into the Group's properties while also enabling colleagues, tenants, hotel guests and the wider community to experience urban farming.

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To plant the seeds of a more sustainable future and bring the community closer to nature, we organise farm-based activities such as handicraft workshops and urban farm tours regularly through Sino Club, transforming our farms into practical spaces where people can experience the joys of urban farming. See this video to explore our upcoming workshops.  

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